Archive | December, 2015

Business Day: “Niyya Foods rebrands Farm Pride Yoghurt, Juice to win Nigerian market”

Business Day featured the story of Niyya’s rebranding of Farm Pride Juice and Farm Pride Yoghurt in late December. The prestigious publication reported, Niyya Food & Drinks Company Limited (NFDCL) is re-branding its flagship Farm Pride Natural Juices and Yoghurt, with a view to strategically positioning the premium drink products in the Nigerian market. According […]

Business Day: Niyya Foods & Drinks redefines Nigeria’s beverage industry

As Nigeria’s economy faces severe challenges resulting from overdependence on oil and neglect of other sectors, Business Day writes about how Niyya’s indigenousness is helping the local economy grow. Business Day writes, In an era of economic diversification, companies that make meaningful contributions deserve a pat on the back by both the government and … […]